Beach Bumming at Borawan Island

My dear readers, my apologies for posting late. I’ve been in this island twice this year and it’s still a beauty. Below are the photos;

beautiful face of sunrise

beautiful face of sunrise

spectacular sunrise

spectacular sunrise

sunrise signifies new hope, new beginning

sunrise signifies new hope, new beginning


enjoying nature's beauty with friends

enjoying nature’s beauty with friends

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bliss :)

bliss ūüôā

How to Get There:

We¬†traveled¬†via private vehicle. It’s around 5-6 hrs drive from manila.

here’s how to get there via bus; by¬†

1. Take a bus bound for Lucena and get off at the Grand Terminal. There are bus companies that has regular trips to Lucena. We took Jac Liner in Buendia, fare is around 220 pesos and travel time is about 3-4 hours.

2. From the grand terminal, take a mini-bus bound for Unisan and get off at Brgy. Marao in the town of Padre Burgos. Fare is about 40 pesos and travel time is around 45 minutes.

3. Look for Vista Playa Restaurant and ask where you can rent a boat going to these beaches. Prices depend on how many are you in the group and how many islands you wish to visit (600 Р1,500 pesos).



My Life and my 27th Birthday

I grew up in a conservative Christian family, my father is a great man and my mother is a woman of prayers. I had beautiful memories from my childhood, I still remember those days where we go to church every Sunday and had our family bible study every Wednesday nights. When I was in my senior year in high school I started teaching kids at Sunday school. It was fun and very rewarding, I love kids and spending time with them brings me real joy.

After my highschool graduation, I was forced by my parents to study in a bible school. They said I needed it to stabilized my spiritual life, I was very upset cause I passed the UPCAT exam and I had the chance to study in my dream University. However, I obeyed my parents and agreed to study at Wesleyan Bible College and took Leadership Training Course for one year.

Life wasn’t easy during my stay at the bible school, it was my first time to be away from home. Students were required to stay at the campus and were just allowed to go home thrice per semester. I stayed at the ladies dorm and had a wonderful relationship with my seniors. I’ve learned a lot I would say; time management, self-discipline, self-reliance, caring for others and all the values I still embrace these days. I transferred at a different bible school in Benguet in my 2nd semester. In there I had the chance for Immersion at some areas in the mountain regions, I taught kids for Sunday school, I also learned from them and I was able to see life in a different perspective.

I entered secular school after my one year in the bible school. I took up BS Nursing. I still remember the first time I assisted in the Delivery Room, seeing the life from a newborn child was just perfect. I was teary-eyed, it was a bliss. And yes I wanted to be a nurse, I want to care for others, to care for the weak and sick.  I had my nursing degree and passed the local board exam, I worked as a nurse and I was happy.

Now I‚Äôm currently working in a BPO Company, I also miss nursing sometimes and is planning to practice my profession real soon. I just had my 27th birthday and I celebrated it with the kids of ‚ÄúKids ¬†the Hope of our Future Philippines‚ÄĚ.


so happy

so happy




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