Daraga, Albay

We are weekend warriors indeed. I’m guilty of being busy, so I’m always posting late. We visited Albay on the first weekend of July, I travelled with my sister who have visited Bicol for three times, a real wanderlust and a sucker for beautiful places. It was long hours of travel, about 11 hrs from Cubao to Naga and another 2 hrs from the city of Naga to Daraga, Albay. We met my sister’s friend at Daet, Cam Sur before heading to Naga. We checked in at Sampaguita Inn for 800 pesos for 1 day. It was a pretty good deal, room is quite spacious for 3 and it includes 3 single beds, hot shower and the room is fully air-conditioned plus the terrace overlooking Naga river.








morning at Naga

morning at Naga

We travelled at night so we didn’t get enough sleep but we only had 2 days to spend so we headed to Cagsawa Ruins and Lignon Hill on our first day. It was a pretty amazing and historical place. Mt. Mayon is really majestic, I wish to conquer this mountain someday. It was formerly called “Daragang Magayon” a Bicol dialect which means beautiful maiden which is very suitable for such a beauty.

Cagsawa Ruins

Cagsawa Ruins






36 thoughts on “Daraga, Albay

  1. OMG beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. My Mayon in back ground looks like it could erupt any minute from it’s volcanic shape………… stunning scenery.

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