The Hidden Falls



Height: 80 meters
Jump-off point: Brgy. Balian, Pangil, Laguna
Trail length: 2-3 hours
Registration fee: P25.00

“Not all who wanders are lost” This is a famous line for travelers. I always see this in photo captions but I’m not really sure who came up with this idea or who authored this famous quote. I, however wander because I wanna get lost totally, I want to empty my cup and learn from the experiences and people along the way.



Not everyone gets to see life from other people’s perspective, like how these two young local boys hike for hours to help their parents in charcoal making. I wasn’t able to immerse myself on what they do but I somehow saw their way of life just by talking to them and asking them questions. Sometimes, we can never realize how blessed  we are unless we spend time with those less fortunate ones. We can never taste how great the food is unless we experience real hunger and we can never appreciate the comfort of having our own roof and luxurious place unless we experience getting soaked with the rain.

a fallen flower on the soil

This is a flower fallen on a muddy soil, we oftentimes just pass on it without a second glance. Not everyone has the eyes to see its beauty.




what i see

what i see

saw this horse along the way

saw this horse along the way

God’s gift
nature's jacuzi

nature’s jacuzi

standing on a rock

standing on a rock

love of nature love of the humankind love for animals  brings glory to God

love of nature
love of the humankind
love for animals
brings glory to God



Situated in Brgy. Balian, Pangil Laguna,  the place can be reached either via Tanay, Rizal route or Fami, Laguna

We traveled using a private vehicle via Fami Laguna route.

Here’s how to get there via public transpo, credits to

Via Tanay Rizal

1. At Chowking Edsa Central, ride a Jeepney bound for Tanay Rizal.

  • Drop off point: Tanay Market, Jeepney will stop at the Terminal.

2. Ride another Jeep bound for Siniloan, Laguna.

  • Drop off point: Siniloan Public Market, then Ride a Tricycle

3. From Siniloan Public Market, Ride a Tricycle

  • Drop off Point : Brgy. Balian Hall



guide=300 pesos/4 persons

reg fee = 25 pesos

gas and toll fee. P1200/4 persons



0430 Assembly at TELETECH ROXAS
0830 ETA Greenhouse Pangil Laguna
0900 Registration,Final Prep, Secure Guide
0930 Start Trek
1130 ETA Buntot Palos, swim, eat, pictures

1330 Descent
1530 ETD jump off
1630 Back to Manila